Celebrating Matt Grove's 10th Anniversary with Recruiting Toolbox


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John Vlastelica here, founder of Recruiting Toolbox.  We’re celebrating Matt Grove's 10-year anniversary with Recruiting Toolbox this month. Matt joined RT back in 2013 after working as a corporate Talent Acquisition Director with KPMG. As a skilled stage and singing performer, he felt right at home in front of people, delivering custom training to hiring managers, recruiters, and recruiting leaders.

His first projects were with larger companies like Yahoo!, Carl Zeiss, Nestle, Target, and Epic Games. Since then, he’s done amazing work for all kinds of companies, all over the world, traveling to Brazil, China, India, and all over the US and Europe to help recruiters become talent advisors, and help hiring managers interview and select great talent while keeping diversity front and center.  

Last year, I asked Matt to share why he loves the world of Talent Acquisition, and his response included this, As a recruiting leader, I found that I got more energy out of helping others succeed. I felt like more of a conductor leading the orchestra rather than just one performer doing his own thing, and that was exciting. As a consultant, I feel like we get that in turbo drive. I love helping people find success they never really knew they had in them. I don’t remember focus group number 149, but I remember the aha moments that people had all the way back in 2013 or yesterday. Those moments are really special - making a living by helping others do well. Top that off with working with great friends who are super smart and push you to be better every day, and it’s amazing. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”

Happy Anniversary from your RTeam, Matt! And thanks for everything you do to help companies recruit better and make our team a team.  

Below are highlights from some of the many wonderful comments shared from clients he's helped.


“Matt has an incredible gift. He has perfected the ability to connect people and deliver content in an engaging way that puts the people at the center of the discussion. He listens, actively, and uses the feedback moving forward.“


“Matt was So thoughtful, excellent at building trust, facilitating a safe space for open discussion, and lots of room for conversation and deep learning. Thank you.“


“Matt was fantastic! He was so engaged and knowledgeable. Had lots of examples to give and didn't shy away from any tough conversations. He has a way of making everyone feel like they're the only one in the room. How does he remember everyone's names?!“


“Is there a 10/5 option for a rating? Matt is the most inspiring, effective presenter I've ever had the pleasure or learning from. He asked great questions, gave thought provoking answers and ideas. His presentation and experience in this space are truly flawless.“