How TA Teams are Retooling for the Post-Covid Workplace - with John Vlastelica and Recruiting Brainfood

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 4.17.44 PMRecruiting Brainfood curator, Hung Lee, interviewed our founder, John Vlastelica, to talk about how TA teams are retooling to meet the very different needs of business now.

500+ people from around the world joined in, with an active Q&A session driving the conversation. Check out the video below - John joins in around 14 minutes in, and then fields questions and shares insights for about 45 minutes.

Top highlights include John’s view on virus versus recession thinking, how we need to rethink the stigma and shame of unemployment, what specific things TA professionals can and should do to make themselves more valuable, the challenges of getting recruiting teams to focus more on internal mobility, and why now it’s more critical than ever that you operate as a talent advisor.

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