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At Recruiting Toolbox, we’re in the business of helping corporate recruiting teams win. So, when we redesigned our website recently, we built out two resource hubs to help recruiters operate as talent advisors, and help recruiting managers and directors operate more strategically.

Visit our recruiter and recruiting leader expert pages here:

How to Be a Talent Advisor

How to Be an Effective Recruiting Leader

In these pages, we pulled together best practices from our work with hundreds of clients in over 20 countries. We've curated resources from our team - as well as resources we love from outside of Recruiting Toolbox - including downloadable tools and guides, recorded webinars and presentations (pulling many of our best practices from our paid training workshops), links to insightful blog posts and podcast episodes, and more. Tens of thousands of corporate recruiters have enjoyed our content over the years – we hope you get value from our free content, too.

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