Recruiting Trends for 2017 and Beyond...



Jobs2Careers' Editor Kelly Love Johnson polled 55 people in the recruitment space, and asked for their predictions.  Here's mine.

Original Article:

“Recruiting success has evolved—it’s more than just filling reqs. I imagine a future where recruiters see their roles as more than just filling reqs, and even more than Talent Advisors. I see them as trainers and coaches, who are accountable for building hiring manager capability in their organizations. When we talk with top talent leaders, they consistently tell us their goals for 2017 include creating a culture of recruiting…a place where hiring teams feel real accountability for hiring top talent, and regularly engage in outbound sourcing efforts and work hard to improve their candidate experience. Getting hiring teams to engage around this can be a challenge, for sure.  Many hiring managers interpret some of our engagement tactics as “passing our work to them”—this is a broken mindset! Top passive talent expects—even demands—engaged hiring managers. Recruiters who can engage and leverage hiring managers, while also building the capabilities of their hiring managers (informal coaching, brown bag lunch-n-learns, training, feedback/metrics sharing, performance reviews), will be the ones who will thrive in 2017 and beyond.” John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox and Co-Founder, Talent42