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Founder and Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox. Instructor, Recruiting Leadership Labs. John has provided training and recruitment management consulting services to companies of all shapes and sizes, including leading organizations in high-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, financial services, and retail. Including PepsiCo, Disney, Adidas, Bloomberg, Google, Target, Booking.com, eBay, SAP, Salesforce. He's trained managers and hiring teams all over the world - from Moscow to Minneapolis, Beijing to Boston, Amsterdam to Atlanta, Sydney to San Francisco. John has shared his expertise with colleagues as an entertaining and credible repeat presenter at regional, national, and international recruiting conferences, including LinkedIn Talent Connect, where he was rated a top 5 speaker (out of 100) 3 years in a row. He's also led popular webinars for thousands of recruiters and recruiting leaders, written strategic guides for recruiting leaders on sourcing and raising the bar, led and scaled a professional recruiting organization, been a judge for recruiting excellence awards, and produced the highly rated Talent42 recruiting conference. John is a part-time critic, part-time optimist who has fallen in love with the problems we face in the talent space and lives to help Recruitment Leaders win in their jobs.
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Recruiting Toolbox is proud to welcome speaker, trainer, consultant, and respected talent practitioner, Dawn Burke, as a Senior Consultant.  Dawn draws on 20 years of talent acquisition, HR, and training experience, including over a dozen years as a corporate recruiting practitioner.  She’s held...
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Great research from Shawna Berthold and the team at Talentegy on Candidate Experience.  
  This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Talent Blog, authored by Samantha McLaren March 4, 2019, based on an interview with our Founder and Managing Director, John Vlastelica.
  Shannon Anderson shares insights from two Facebook hiring managers and engineering leaders who presented at Talent42, the national tech recruiting conference, held in Seattle each June.

Netflix and Fill.

  Shannon Anderson shares insights from one of the great sessions at Talent42, the national tech recruiting conference, held in Seattle each June.
Gregory Lewis put together a great overview of John Vlastelica's top-5 rated session from last year's LinkedIn Talent Connect conference in Las Vegas.  Enjoy!
At Talent42, Carmen Hudson led a panel of recruiting leaders who shared their secrets for ramping up fast in competitive talent markets:
[This first appeared on LinkedIn's Talent Blog, by Paul Petrone, who wrote an article based on John Vlastelica's top 5 rated presentation at the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference in Anaheim, California.]
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