Podcast Interview: Learn the origin story for Amazon's Bar Raiser program, and how you can scale a high hiring bar


Ever wondered how Amazon scaled a high hiring bar?

In a recent episode of his podcast Invent Like An Owner, Dave Schappell interviewed John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox to talk about the early days of Amazon's recruiting process. In this episode, they discussed the origins and impact of Amazon's Bar Raiser program, Amazon's behavioral interview training, and more.

John was brought on as Amazon's first Technical Recruiting Manager in 1998 and later became a Director of Recruiting. His contributions to Amazon's recruiting organization laid the groundwork for massive hiring growth, and the Bar Raisers program is still used today. This episode is packed full of information about the Bar Raisers program, John's experiences as a foundational member of Amazon's recruiting organization, and practical, strategic insights that entrepreneurs and talent acquisition professionals can use today.

Listen to the one-hour episode:

Learn more about the pros and cons of programs like Amazon Bar Raisers and Google Hiring Committees at BarRaisers.com.