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How to Raise the Bar on Talent

Recruiting Friends - Have you heard of Bar Raisers, AsApps, Hiring Committees, or Talent Champion programs? They're alternative ways to ensure fair hiring and quality hiring decisions. I was fortunate to work at Amazon in the early days where we built, led, and scaled out Bar Raisers to become the Amazon model for hiring.

If you're curious how a program like this works, have hiring managers who come from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and more that have put in place mechanisms like this, then you may get some value from this expert resource site I built out.

It's got the pros and cons of programs like bar raisers, as well as a recorded presentation I gave on the different models big tech companies use, along with their pros and cons. has details. I've been surprised to find versions of Bar Raisers in all kinds of industries, across many countries. It's very possible that you may work with a hiring manager who wants to implement something like this, and if you do, I'm hoping these resources might help. Bar Raisers and hiring committees are definitely not for everyone, and so before you copy/paste - or let your leaders copy/paste - a program like this, it's key to understand the problems you're trying to solve, and if and how a new program can help....AND also create a whole new set of problems.

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