Reducing Bias in the Hiring Process with Annie Boneta

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Learning How to Mitigate Bias with Annie Boneta

Join Annie Boneta, Senior Consultant & Trainer at Recruiting Toolbox, for a free webinar - hosted by  While there may be a labor shortage at the moment, talent can still be found as long as organizations know where to look. But even with the increased dialogue around DEI, it’s disheartening to see the number of companies who don’t (or won’t) engage with talent that doesn’t fit a prescribed status quo. And hiring and talent acquisition has a big role to play in this. Learning how to mitigate bias and understand under-represented groups could be the difference-maker in this unique war for talent.

Joining us to chat about this topic is Annie Boneta. A Senior Consultant with Recruiting Toolbox, Annie is passionate about TA and DEI in all its forms. In this show, we talked about the nature of bias in interviews and suggested actionable ways organizations can look to tackle it. We also looked at the recent rise in layoffs and how this specifically can affect bias, and practical tips to create the fairest hiring process.

This webinar was recorded on June 29th 2022.

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Annie Boneta is an immigrant, DEI champion, community organizer and volunteer, and 20 year veteran of corporate talent roles. As a Senior Consultant with Recruiting Toolbox, she's focused on helping companies build fair, equitable hiring practices, including work to help them widen their aperture, define their hiring bar without using pedigree, and training hiring managers and interviewers to select for culture-add.  She's based in Southern California, and is featured - along with John Vlastelica - on Social Talent's interview training program, Predicting Success.