Seriously funny careers site content:

So many corporate career sites play it safe. They're loaded with stock photos of diverse people, PR-approved content, and compliance oriented job descriptions. Not Woot. These guys - a very popular e-commerce site that "sells cool stuff cheap" - wreak of congruency. Their very-funny product descriptions "show up" in their over-the-top career site content. What do I mean?

Here's some sample language from their careers site:
Believe it or not, these bags don't stuff themselves full of crap. Woot employs a varied assortment of human beings to sell things, buy things, process things, repair things, and accomplish all those other tasks Lloyd Dobler is too good for. Take a look at the open positions to the right. If you think you can put up with us enough to get one of them done, email your resume (as a plain text, Word, or PDF attachment) to:  We'll get back to you if we're interested. In maybe hiring you, we mean. Not anything intimate. You seem nice, but we're kinda seeing somebody right now.

Here's an excerpt from their Purchasing Manager opening:
And to do it, you'll have to wear more hats than the cast of Mad Men. You must be a coach. A motivator. An evaluator. An officer. A gentleman.

And here's how they describe the opportunity as a Designer: closely with our small but fabulously creative and nerdy team of designers, developers, ne'er-do-wells, rogues, magic users, and half-orc assassins on all manner of visual design projects, from the smallest, boring-est template-based icon to the awesome-est, most thrilling web and interactive features imaginable that will be seen by literally *dozens* of people.

Do you take risks on your careers site by writing content that's edgy or more targeted than your typical job description?  If you have a fun, engaging culture, does it "come through" in your language?  Please share.