The National Tech Recruiting Conference, Talent42, June 27-28, Seattle

Talent42 Logo VerticalPart conference, part training, all awesome.  Chuck Norris awesome.

  • Looking for ways to attract and recruit world class tech talent?
  • Want to get your tech recruiters and managers exposed to part-conference, part-training, where they actually take back how-to recruiting tactics that work in the real world?
  • 96% of attendees last year said Talent42 was "great" or "awesomely excellent."

Talent42, The National Tech Recruiting Conference, is being hosted in Seattle again this year.

June 27-28, 2013

250 or more tech recruiters, sourcers, recruiting leaders, and hiring managers will come together to share and learn the keys to attracting, sourcing, and recruiting world class tech talent.


We've got...

  • Joel Spolsky (who wrote the book on tech recruiting, an engineer and CEO who runs Stack Exchange)
  • "The Professor" from Zappos (who is building an in-house coding academy to grow their own engineers)
  • Heads of Tech Recruiting from Facebook, Box, and Groupon (who will talk through real-world tech recruiting leadership challenges, like scaling up to meet their company's insatiable demand for tech talent)
  • Glen Cathey, one of our industry's smartest sourcing leaders, The Boolean Blackbelt
  • An international talent expert (who will share the keys to engaging engineers from outside the US - how do we adjust our sourcing, screening, closing tactics to the cultural differences of candidates from India, China, and Eastern Europe?)
  • Sourcing experts from companies like Microsoft and Amazon who are going to sit down with tech recruiters and share their secrets in the hands on Sourcing Roundtables
  • Plus a bunch of other great speakers, focused on things like how to understand the technology stack, how to interview an engineer, how to use the phone to source and conduct research, and more.


People, mostly the cool kids, come from across North America to attend this event.  For this year, we've already got recruiting pros coming from Skype, Rhapsody, Nike, Sapient, Spotify, Amazon, Mastercard, Facebook, Costco, Microsoft, TripAdvisor, PNC Bank, T-Mobile, Sodexo and Redfin.


Talent42 is produced by the team here at Recruiting Toolbox, so - you know - we can hook you up with a special deal.

Use code T42JOHNV when you register at to receive an extra $100 discount.


I hope to see you there!