HBR Article on Blitzscaling - hiring fast, at scale

Great article on lessons learned from hiring FAST from Reid Hoffman, founder of PayPal and LinkedIn, and early investor in Facebook.


That reminds me of Google’s decision to hire only people with very high GPAs from elite universities. As a heuristic, there’s obviously collateral damage—there are many smart people you’re not allowed to hire—but it makes sense if your goal is to hire a large number of smart generalists quickly.

That created a lot of frustration. “I can’t hire my friend who doesn’t have that qualification, but I know that he’s really good.” And the company says, “Yeah, sorry. That’s the way we execute as we blitzscale. We need a simple heuristic so that we can focus on what really matters.” Another benefit of Google’s decision to hire only from elite universities is that it helped create and maintain a coherent culture as the company scaled.