John Vlastelica: Talent Connect 2022

How TA Leaders Can Lead Holistically in A World of HR Silos

Are you a TA leader looking to level up your impact on your org?
So much of the speed, quality, and diversity that the business wants from us depends on things outside of our remit. If onboarding and training is bad, we get a lot more "hit the ground running", narrow profile requests. If compensation isn't tied to market realities, we lose out on good talent. If internal mobility is hard, top talent leaves for an outside job, our EVP suffers, and we have more role to backfill.
In my recent LinkedIn Talent Connect session, I went deep into the need for TA leaders to think and act more holistically. To look at what decisions made by our peer people leaders impact what we - and our hiring managers - do, don't do, can do, or can't do. And how we can play a bigger leadership role across our HR/talent teams.
You can check out the video below, and download the PDF of the slides (with bonus content) here: