What are the critical org and people strategy decisions a CTO/CIO needs to make, and how will those decisions impact our TA strategy?


Our CEO, John Vlastelica, got to sit down with a long time colleague, Matt Swann, former VP at Amazon and CTO at Booking, StubHub, and Nubank (all clients of ours, coincidentally) to talk about the decisions that CTOs make about their orgs that impact who they hire and how they hire.

Obviously, to be strategic as a talent leader, you must be aligned with your tech leadership. And decisions they make - about the makeup of their org, their tech stacks, their preferences for generalists vs specialists, and even how hands-on eng managers need to be - have a huge impact on your talent strategies, processes, and hiring decisions.

Thanks, UNLEASH for the opportunity to hear directly from a savvy C-level exec. When execs tell our team - in focus groups - what they want more of from their partners in TA, THIS is what they want from us - more educated recommendations tied to the business goals and talent priorities.

Hope you enjoy the full discussion. W
atch the full video here.




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