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It’s Spring 2020, and we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that has swept the world impacting everything that we do day to day, including the job interview. The good news is that interviewing and hiring hasn’t completely stopped. There are in fact still millions of job openings out...
Ben Gotkin shares insights learned at Talent42, the National Tech Recruiting Conference, held each June in Seattle.
  Ben Gotkin shares insights from the great presentation by Nick Mailey (VP TA at Intuit) & William Tincup (President at RecruitingDaily.com) at Talent42, the national tech recruiting conference, held each June in Seattle.
This interview/article originally appeared on Recruiting Trends
Somewhere along the line, recruiting technology became ‘self-aware’, allowing organizations to mindlessly post all of their jobs to job boards globally, big and small.  It was in the late 90’s and it was pegged as the solution to our sourcing challenges.  For the first time ever, candidates...
Every now and then, a high profile company does something so ground breaking, unique or radical in their talent management strategy that everyone takes notice, often resulting in the question, is this a new trend? Is ___ dead? For example, when Yahoo! announced the end of telecommuting for their...

#dontblameyourATS – A Movement

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by Ben Gotkin
By Ben Gotkin
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