So many corporate career sites play it safe. They're loaded with stock photos of diverse people, PR-approved content, and compliance oriented job descriptions. Not Woot. These guys - a very popular e-commerce site that "sells cool stuff cheap" - wreak of congruency. Their very-funny product...

A thought about strategy...

I've returned to a corporate recruiting leadership role. And you know what? I've been thinking a lot about strategy lately.
Jenifer Lambert - a Pinnacle Society recognized, top rated executive recruiter - recently interviewed me for her Recruiter Earth radio show. It was unscripted and live, and she asked some tough, frank questions about the keys to partnering with corporate HR.
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Catbert, Evil HR Director

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I loved this - heard something new today. Not mind blowing, but a really simple way to think about the hiring decision.
I had a recruiting leader contact me recently, asking me for a few vendor referrals. I realized that - rather than simply rattling off a bunch of names, which I could have done - I hopped up on my soap box first.

Employment Branding

I'm going to risk preaching to the choir here...
I've interviewed 100s of recruiters in my career, and taught a lot of recruiters and hiring managers how to interview and select great people. And, most of the time (smile), I practice what I preach.
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